114,484€ Amazon sales (tracked)from Google and Meta campaigns: 279% ROAS

Results Achieved


Key Points

The company
The challenge

How we increased sales by tracking revenue generated in Amazon from Google and Meta campaigns

The company

The company is a brand that markets small appliances, focusing on products related to Cooking and Personal Health.

The client company’s assets are:

  • Proprietary website, in which it presents the products it produces and sells on online and offline channels through distributors related to large-scale retail trade (GDO);
  • Shop Amazon, a channel to which online sales are concentrated (with a Vendor type account);
  • Proprietary shop (within the site) with some exclusive bundles and original spare parts.

So only some products are sold through the website shop. Most of the sales come from the Amazon shop.

We took over in early 2022 from a previous agency that had set up campaigns on the platforms in 2021:

  • Meta
  • Google Ads

The main goal was to improve sales from campaigns to the Amazon store and secondarily to generate awareness around the brand.

The challenge

These are the goals required by the client in early 2022:

  • The first goal of the project was to optimize the campaigns already in operation so as to maximize the return from the advertising investment.
  • The second goal was to also implement a strategy that would go to improve the performance of the least performing campaigns.

Analysis and initial situation

Many campaigns were active before our arrival, which we can summarize as follows:

PlatformCampaign typeTargetLanding
Google AdsSearchAmazon salesCustomer Amazon Page
Google AdsDisplayRemarketing – indirect traffic to AmazonClient Owned Site
Meta AdsClick trafficAmazon salesCustomer Amazon Page

The first activity carried out was to analyze the performance of campaigns targeting purchases on Amazon, so as to understand whether there were already critical issues to intervene on in order to evaluate possible interventions even at the budget level.

We then extracted from Amazon Attribution the data that had historically generated the different campaigns, so that we would have hard data on which to make assessments.

Amazon Attribution is an important tool (available only for Amazon Vendors that meet certain requirements – https://advertising.amazon.com/solutions/products/amazon-attribution ) that makes it possible to relate campaigns to the related sales generated, thanks to the generation of ad-hoc links.

Client's Amazon Attribution screen, with data reported by individual campaign.
Client’s Amazon Attribution screen, with data reported by individual campaign.

From the outset, the analysis showed, as shown in the table, that campaigns on the Meta platform that referred to Amazon had generated no significant impact on sales when compared with an expenditure of about €7,000.

So there was a need to implement a change of strategy to better invest these resources and attempt to restore the relative profitability of the platform.

investment media buying customer
Data analysis status quo – pre our intervention


To achieve our goals, we carried out several actions.

1. Stop Meta campaigns and focus on Google Ads

The first action we therefore agreed with the client was to minimize the investment on campaigns with a sales objective on Meta, focusing initially on Google Ads Search Campaigns for this objective.

Focusing on Google Ads allowed us to optimize campaigns by structuring them by product category.

The most impactful intervention at the optimization level was to reorder the ad groups to make them more consistent across keywords, so as to “isolate” those most profitable groups and run them as new dedicated campaigns.

These interventions allowed us to improve the total performance of the platform (Google Ads), as highlighted in the diagram below, generating 47,500€ more revenue against 8,300€ more budget invested.

In 2022 it went from 49,857€ in sales to 97,307€ with a ROAS of 408%.

Although it is not possible to set conversions for purchases that occur in Amazon, it is possible for us to do these statistics and understand the return on investment of campaigns by matching Google Ads data with Amazon Attribution data.

Data and temporal performance development of Performance Campaigns on Google Ads

In parallel, we activated two new campaigns on Google Ads with the goal of:

  • Bringing traffic that would convert within the proprietary site then going to Amazon for purchase (getting users to go to the product page or to the retailer’s sites of the mass retailers), so as to create a more profiled audience for future remarketing campaigns using a PerformanceMax
  • Push sales on the proprietary ecommerce of replacement products.
Performance of Google’s Search campaigns to Amazon.
Despite the doubling of spending the Cost Per Click has been kept under control.

2. Revisiting campaigns in Meta

Having verified that active Meta Campaigns with landing pages targeting the Amazon product page had not generated a positive return on investment, we evaluated a different approach at the strategic level.

The actions we performed in the client site:

  1. We generated Amazon links for each individual product on the site so that we could track sales generated from each product page on the proprietary site;
  2. While waiting to generate dedicated landing pages for Performance Campaigns, we activated ads using the main product for each category identified with the client as the landing page;
  3. We set as the conversion of new campaigns the click that led to the product page on Amazon;
  4. We have in parallel continued to invest in Google campaigns (PerformanceMax, Display and Brand) that bring traffic to the site with the same “clicks to Amazon” goal. This way we could evaluate, post activation of all product tracking, the overall sales performance originated by the proprietary site, applying what is the Synergistic Method underlying PerformancePPC campaigns.

So in May 2022, when the arrangement has been made:

  • We have been restoring the historical investment budget with the new Meta Campaigns;
  • We have made Amazon link tracking fully operational on the proprietary site;
  • We continue to invest on P.max, Brand and Display campaigns with landing on the proprietary site.

As we can see from the data from May onward, aggregating all the advertising budget allocated to the proprietary site (Google Ads & Meta Ads) that was not tracked until before, we notice how the ROAS trend is registering a clear growth, confirming the goodness of the synergistic method implemented and making, overall, Also profitable again is the Meta platform, which contributes 70% of the traffic to Amazon originated from the proprietary site.

Data and time development of sales performance generated by Amazon links on the site and spending of Meta and Google campaigns with “click to Amazon” conversion from proprietary website.
Note the restoration of investment that began in May 2022 which was then followed in the following months by a marked improvement in ROAS.
Aggregate performance of all Meta campaigns driving traffic to individual product pages. We note after a period of initial settling, an improvement in cost per conversion in the second half of the year.


With the actions taken we were thus able to:

  • Improve total ROAS up to 279% in an unfavorable macroeconomic environment (18k€ higher advertising investment resulted in 64k€ higher revenue),
  • Make both advertising platforms (both Google and Meta) profitable in the long run;
  • Generating a substantially increasing trend in advertising investment profitability that is strengthening month by month.
Overall return on advertising investment in campaigns Performance

Please note: this case study does not guarantee that these results can be repeated in all cases, but it is evidence of the effect our performance interventions can have on client campaigns.

We thank the MOMA Communication agency for cooperation.

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