Our Story

PrimePPC is the agency dedicated to managing large media budgets, a spin off of PerformancePPC.

PerformancePPC was born in 2016 from the inspiration of its founder, Fabio Faccin, a freelance expert in digital marketing and online advertising campaigns.

Already in 2018, with the entry of UpManager Srl of Luca Faccin, PerformancePPC is experiencing its extraordinary growth, managing online campaigns for important national and international companies with an annual value of 500.000€, destined to grow rapidly to several million Euros.

A reality that has quickly become one among the major references for online advertising campaigns “Pay Per Click” of many companies and professionals, both nationally and internationally.

Our history is a fascinating journey in constant growth, made up of dedication, passion e successes.

We are authors of the seriesDigital Marketing Handbooks” and of our podcastPerformance Pay Per Click

In 2023 born PrimePPC, an exclusive service for big Brands that need expert media buyers to manage more than €10,000 of monthly media budget.


From an idea of Fabio Faccin, PerfomancePPC was born.


Start of collaboration with Luca Faccin‘s UpManager Srl. PerformancePPC begins its growth by managing campaigns worth €500,000/year.


PerformancePPC collaborates with Roberto Cerè, coach, trainer and best-selling author. In the same year, Fabio Faccin, spoke at the Leadership Academy in Monte Carlo, in front of 1850 people, and became a lecturer at MICAP.

The team expands to five people.


In 2020, the PerformancePPC team expands further, adding valuable contributors. The team of vertical professionals on Media Buying grows to 7.
Opens foreign office in Estonia, adding to the one in Spain.


Corporate training courses are born, based on solid, concrete experiences that have led to tangible, successful results.


Educational tour in 14 Italian cities, dedicated to 1,000 entrepreneurs in which topics regarding business, marketing, web2 and 3, etc. are covered.
New collaborations with major brands that bring the managed media budget to about €2 million per year.


Born PrimePPC, a service dedicatet to big Brand that need expert media buyers to manage more than 10k of monthly media budget.

Participation of PrimePPC professionals as speakers at various events: Casa Sanremo, We Make Future, Search Marketing Connect.
Always attentive to new technologies,Artificial Intelligence is integrated into online customer campaign management processes, which increases effectiveness.


New technologies, new platforms, and new goals to achieve will await Brands. PrimePPC will be by their side to help them seize them effectively and increase sales.