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The success case of high ticket footwear e-commerce: how Performance PPC overcame Black Friday

The challenge

In a world where digital prevails and competition is relentless, a high-ticket footwear brand needed a winning strategy to boost its e-commerce sales and revenue.

Let’s find out how Performance PPC managed to accomplish this during the 2023 winter sales through a meticulous and well-thought-out strategy.

Conquering new horizons

The adventure begins with the creation of four Meta Ads campaigns for each of the three selected nations: Italy, Germany and the USA. Each campaign was designed to target only one gender, male or female, and included three different ad sets:

  • Lookalike on purchases: this adset aimed to create a similar audience of users who had already made a purchase. This increased the likelihood of conversion, as targeted users were more likely to like and purchase the products offered.
  • Broad audience: with this adset, the goal was to reach a broad and diverse audience, attracting new potential customers. By expanding the reach of campaigns, more interest and loyalty could be generated toward the brand.
  • Audience interests: this adset aimed to target users who are passionate about luxury footwear, fashion, and lifestyle, ensuring a high affinity for the products offered. This increased the likelihood that these users would convert into actual customers because of their passion for the industry.

The Return of the E(ROI)

In the second phase of the strategy, Performance PPC implemented two retargeting campaigns for each country, each with specific male and female ad-sets:

  • Dynamic remarketing catalog: this campaign showed users who had already visited the website the products they had previously seen. This gave them an incentive to complete the purchase, exploiting familiarity with the products and the desire to own them.
  • Retargeting on social interactions: this adset targeted users who had interacted with the brand’s content on social media, leveraging their familiarity with the brand to encourage further conversions. This made it possible to reach an already interested audience, increasing the likelihood of successful campaigns.

The Google Triumph

Finally, the Performance PPC team created a Performance Max campaign and a Brand Protection on Google for each country.

Performance Max made it possible to optimize advertising spending and maximize conversions, thanks to a sophisticated algorithm that allocated budget efficiently among various keywords and audience segments. This approach maximized the ROI of campaigns while reducing wasted resources.

Brand Protection, on the other hand, ensured protection of the brand from competitors and other advertisements related to competitors reselling the brand’s product in question. This strategy improved customers’ perception of the brand by ensuring that their experience was consistent and free from interference from outside companies.

The extraordinary victory

Thanks to the integrated strategy and expertise of the Performance PPC team, the footwear company recorded the highest monthly sales and revenue in its history, even surpassing Black Friday 2022.

The multichannel approach and attention to detail have made it possible to reach a wide and varied audience, generating considerable interest and driving high-ticket footwear e-commerce to new heights of success.

In conclusion, the story of this high-ticket footwear e-commerce demonstrates the importance of a well-planned marketing strategy and the effectiveness of Performance PPC techniques.